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Non-Destructive Testing

Merrill Aviation & Defense developed an in-house Non-Destructive Testing Services program to provide additional value to our customers. While meeting with an existing customer to consider the possibility of manufacturing or repairing various engine components, an obvious need became evident. Our customer identified a demand for non-destructive testing work completed in a more timely manner. We recognized this as an opportunity to assist the customer with a real problem and at the same time, expand our non destructive testing services capabilities to external customers.

Non-destructive testing services allowed us to inspect customer components in greater detail, providing this service at the customers facility resulted in exceptionally shorter lead times. To further improve on lead time, we initiated a new service that our customers have found very beneficial conducting certain types of inspections on-site at the customer’s facility. This allows the customer to avoid many of the logistic issues involved with outsourcing, material handling damage, and further enhances production schedules. What would have taken two, or three days can now be accomplished the same day.

We overcame several inherent challenges to offer these types of services. Managing travel expenses and providing real time, as well as, delivering accurate supporting documentation for work accomplished were two of the main hurdles we had to clear in order to meet program goals. In addition, maintaining the equipment and obtaining the appropriate approvals for doing work off site were among these unique set of challenges.

In today’s market, our customers need every tactical advantage available. We provide them with that edge, by exceeding all expectations for on time delivery. This simple goal is validated with each new purchase order we receive. The resulting benefits are so far reaching that it has opened up many more opportunities in the form of additional work. By remaining flexible on schedules and prepared with the appropriate tools, we can typically complete several unplanned inspections right at the customer’s facility, in addition to their standard schedule of requirements, saving them additional travel expenses from a subsequent service call. Delivering flexible services to the customer have allowed us to identify customer needs, providing a quality service to keep them returning.