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Weapon Stations

Merrill Aviation & Defense developed a strong relationship with the premier ground combat vehicle system integrator to jointly design and develop a revolutionary new remote weapon system concept for Heavy Brigade Combat Team (HBCT) platforms that provides soldiers unprecedented protection from unfriendly fire. Our Loader’s Armor Gun Station (LAGS) is a manual weapon station and our Stabilized Commander’s Weapon Station (SCWS) is a remote weapon station that allows the soldier to operate under armor as well as protected in manual mode above armor. Our relationship goes back many years and continues to flourish as we work closely with this customer across many disciplines to include engineering, purchasing, quality, final assembly and testing.

We have responded to various customer requests for both timing and design enhancements through the use of our unique capabilities. During the LAGS program, the United States Government requested a change to our existing lock mechanism. We were asked to create a design for the lock lever system that was more robust and user friendly. We accepted this challenge and expeditiously re-designed multiple components.  Prototype parts were manufactured, tested within a couple short weeks and provided to the customer to meet final qualification and ergonomic testing.

Although over 800 units had already been delivered, we worked closely with our customer to upgrade the 800 recalled units in a timely and cost-effective manner without disruption to the existing production schedule (including the new enhancements).  We were even able to double production volumes for a period of time to assure satisfactory quantities were at customer assembly facilities. 

We take pride in building weapons stations that protect and defend our country’s brave military personnel.  Our workforce is dedicated in providing top quality products and meeting customer schedules.  Being able to respond to customer requests in a manner that is often much more expeditious than expected, is another example of our corporate philosophy of “Anything’s Possible”.  When a need arises, know that we stand ready and willing to assist and see your project through completion.