Aerospace Engineering and Manufacturing

We do a lot of aerospace engineering and manufacturing of critical structures, components, test fixtures across the aerospace industry.

Commercial Aviation

Commercial Aviation Manufacturing

We manufacture and overhaul engine component, structural elements and landing gear assemblies for commercial airliners.

Military Aviation

Military Aviation Manufacturing

We manufacture and overhaul critical structural components for advanced fighter jets, transport and cargo aircraft.

Unmanned Vehicles

Unmanned Vehicle Manufacturer

We design and develop innovative, multi-purpose, long-endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).


Weapon Stations Design and Manufacturing

We design and manufacture advanced weapon stations, primary gun recoil mechanisms and armor kits.

Weapon Stations

Remote Weapon Stations Manufacturing

We design and develop both manual and remotely operated weapon stations for ground combat vehicles.

Marine Systems

Marine Systems Manufacturing

We design and manufacture high precision components and large scale structures to support US Navy operations.

Armor Fabrication

Manufacturing for the Armor Industry

We have supplied ruggedized armor, primary weapon system recoil mechanisms and weapon stations.